Cafe Limonci temporarily closed as of 12 Apr 2023 with date of reopening unknown

There will always be a lack of cafes where both students and adults can get their workaholic grind on. Thus, when recently-opened Cafe Limonci at Oxley Bizhub announced a temporary closure from 12 Apr 2023 onwards, this made for rather dampening news.

Having had their soft launch in Feb 2023, many folks were ecstatic at another aesthetic cafe appearing in the Tai Seng and MacPherson area. The place looks just like a magazine furniture catalogue that I am sure would make for incredible pictures! More importantly, Cafe Limonci created a work-friendly space worthy of awe.

Cafe Limonci — Scenery

Nearing the end of Mar 2023, the cafe released their hot food menu, consisting of small bites like Fresh Focaccia (S$11) and mains like Croissant Madame (S$22). Many were excited to go down and try what the food was all about, especially since they only provided desserts and drinks before.

Unfortunately, the temporary closure hit everyone extremely hard. The team behind Cafe Limonci was no exception, stating online that there was simply no other way around the closure.

Cafe Limonci — Food Menu

The reasoning given was that various complaints were made to a multitude of agencies regarding licenses required to operate an F&B business. It seemed that several folks were unhappy Cafe Limonci did not have all their licenses approved yet, and proceeded to inform the authorities.

These complaints have alerted the necessary agencies, leaving Cafe Limonci with no other solution but to close temporarily. However, the team behind the cafe is determined to reopen in the future, using this time to resolve the regulation issue.

Cafe Limonci — Storefront

Of course, many reacted to the closure with immense heartbreak, wishing for Cafe Limonci’s return in the near future. Some responses even displayed anger at the various parties responsible for the complaints.

Now, we can only wait patiently for Cafe Limonci to overcome this difficult crisis. I am sure that when Cafe Limonci returns, Singaporeans will definitely come back in full support!

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