Cafe by day and izakaya by night, Hachi Cafe is bound to attract an audience

Hachi Cafe, located along North Canal Road, switches their concept — donning a cafe service in the day before switching to an izakaya at night.

Although Hachi Cafe is not a new name, their renewed concept requires a re-introduction. The adoption of a duo concept allows for Hachi Cafe to appeal to different groups. This clearly shows that the team behind the idea has done their research, merging 2 famed ideas together.

Hachi Cafe — Italian Lunch

In the day, Hachi offers a set meal (12pm to 3pm), consisting of a 2-course set (S$25+) and a 3-course set (S$29+). The lunch menu provides à la carte options as well, perfect for those lacking an appetite. Finding a price like this for a set menu proves challenging, especially in the Central Business District (CBD) area!

However, take note that lunch here pairs Italian food with Japanese desserts, rather than an all Japanese idea. With appetisers like Flamenco Egg (S$9) and desserts such as Matcha Cheesecake (S$9), Hachi Cafe aims for a fusion of both cuisines.

Hachi Cafe — Concept

In the night, Hachi Cafe morphs into an izakaya concept from 5pm to 10pm. Serving hot pot with examples like the unique Matcha Shabu Shabu Set (S$58+) and grilled bites, customers can now wind down from work with comfort food.

Not to mention, there is also Happy Hour, where several drinks will only cost S$8! This would be a great time to chill with some friends, especially for all the workaholics who just clocked off work.

Hachi Cafe — Matcha Cheesecake

Although the day and night concepts are on completely different sides of the spectrum, a recurring theme seems to be matcha. Well, this is because their original concept was a matcha specialty cafe. Having come from Fukuoka, Japan, their pride for having authentic matcha dishes still remain. And it is said that the real rich flavour of their matcha does not disappoint!

With quite the unique concept, I believe that this place would start appearing on everyone’s ‘to-go’ list. Perhaps, I will go and try it for myself one of these days. Those intrigued, feel free to test out what Hachi Cafe has to offer!

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