This Bustling City Has the Most Diverse Dining Scene in the World, According to a New Report

Get a taste of the world in Tokyo.

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Marco Bottigelli/Getty Images

Looking to sample all the global flavors in one trip? It's time to book a ticket straight to Japan.

Titan Travel compiled its list of the best foodie cities, first collecting a docket of the world's 30 most visited cities via World Atlas data. (The findings noted that both Medina and Mecca were not included in the list "due to the lack of non-religious tourism.") It then collated data on the number of child-friendly, vegetarian, vegan-option, and fine-dining restaurants using Tripadvisor, along with the number of different cuisines available to find the cities with the most diverse cuisines. The study also gathered the number of Michelin-star restaurants in each city via The Michelin Guide.

Then, it normalized every city to give a score out of 10. It then broke the findings out into the top foodie spots, the cities with the best fine dining, the cities with the most plant-based restaurants, and the cities with the most diverse cuisine.

And after examining all this information, the team named Tokyo as the most diverse.

<p>Susmita Baral/Travel + Leisure</p>

Susmita Baral/Travel + Leisure

"Japan’s busiest capital, Tokyo, offers the world's most extensive variety of cuisines, scoring 8.67 out of 10," the findings revealed. "The most popular cuisines in the city are Chinese food (5,459 per km2) and Italian (4,852 per km2)." And, as Titan noted, while the city offers plenty of global cuisine, travelers should, of course, dig into a few local favorites, "like edomae tempura, ramen, and sushi, to name a few." 

<p>Susmita Baral/Travel + Leisure</p>

Susmita Baral/Travel + Leisure

As for the No. 1 overall spot as the best foodie city on Earth, that honor went to Paris.

"Paris has long been regarded as the culinary capital of Europe and, some may argue, the world," the findings stated. "Placing first in the ranking with a near-perfect score of 9.93, the city of Paris outshone any other city for its fine dining eateries (6.75 per km2) and Michelin-star establishments (4.65 per km2)." The findings added that Paris is also home to some of the "most luxurious" restaurants on the planet, including Guy Savoy's restaurant at La Monnaie de Paris.

Joining Paris on the list of top 10 best foodie cities includes Barcelona in second, followed by Miami, Amsterdam, and the Taiwanese capital Taipei, rounding out the top five. These were followed by Denpasar, Indonesia; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; New York City; London; and Las Vegas at No. 10.

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