'Burnt' Stars Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller Reveal Their Best Meals Ever

Kevin Polowy
Senior Correspondent, Yahoo Entertainment

Burnt is the type of movie that will make viewers hungry. The drama stars Bradley Cooper as a disgraced hotshot celebrity restaurateur plotting a comeback and Sienna Miller as the sous chef he recruits to help. With delicious-looking meals being prepped in nearly every scene, it’s food porn to the fullest.

So you can imagine shooting the film made the actors hungry on set. And, yes, they got to eat well.

“Ricardo, who was doing the grill section, would constantly in between takes have beautifully sliced sirloin and we’d just come there and add a little rock salt and eat,” Cooper told Yahoo Movies (watch above). “I had this gravy, this beef sauce on my stove that I just drank all day,” Miller said. “It’s basically half butter, it’s really not good for you.”

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The pair, reuniting a year after teaming for the sleeper-hit war drama American Sniper, both admit they’re big-time foodies, and shared with us where they received the best meals they’ve ever been served.

“One of the best meals I’ve ever had is at [Restaurant Gordon] Ramsey on Hospital Road,” said Cooper of the three-Michelin star London eatery where he trained with famous chef patron Clare Smyth. “I ate there twice during the filming of the movie and I was just blown away.”

Miller’s pick is also in her hometown of London: “Marcus Waering’s restaurant [Marcus] at The Berkeley is incredible. We did a tasting evening there and it was extraordinary.”

Foodies, London is calling.

Burnt opens in theaters Friday. Watch the trailer: