'Burnt out' Sheila Sim finds it hard to enjoy time with her children

The Singapore model-actress said that while she made sure everyone else in the house had a hot meal, she would eat 'soggy food' herself.

Mother-of-two Sheila Sim admitted to getting frustrated with her kids. (Photo: Instagram/sheila_sim)
Mother-of-two Sheila Sim admitted to getting frustrated with her kids. (Photo: Instagram/sheila_sim)

It’s been said that a mother’s love knows no bounds. However, one’s mental health does.

In an Instagram post shared on Sunday (2 July), actress-model Sheila Sim confessed that she might be experiencing burnout.

And, it’s making it difficult for her to enjoy time with her daughters.

Sim, 39, wrote, “I catch myself rolling my eyes and sighing when Layla tells me she needs to go to the bathroom for the third time during a meal. Deep down, I know it's because she wants to step on the pedal of the trash bin. But what choice do I have? I still have to take her when she says her poop is coming out, right?”

The mother-of-two also shared that she gets frustrated when her youngest daughter, Skyla, cries at night within two hours.

While she knows that Skyla couldn’t possibly be hungry again that fast, she lamented the fact that she still has to feed her.

Sim further opened up about the tough time she’s having and said it feels like she hasn’t “spoken to anyone outside of these four walls in ages”.

Her meal times get interrupted as well; so while she cooks and ensures everyone in the house gets “a hot and hearty meal”, Sim ends up “eating soggy food every day”.

“I hate that I have to resort to constantly threatening my child to get her to do anything. I can't even remember the last time I had uninterrupted sleep. My emotional and physical energy is completely depleted. I feel utterly drained.”

Sim also recounted being down with COVID-19 three days ago but pointed out that “there is no break for mothers”.

“And because Layla couldn't go to school, managing both kids while I was sick made everything even more hectic.”

Her only reprieve from the chaos of the day is at night when she unwinds by catching up social media, WhatsApp chats, and posts.

However, she finds herself dozing off within a few minutes because she is exhausted.

Sim added, “I understand that these experiences aren't anything special or out of the ordinary for mothers… But some days, it all hits you harder than usual. Some days, it's so much harder to stay rational, logical, and aware.”

Signs and symptoms of burnout

While Sim didn't talk about getting an official diagnosis for burnout, there are some typical warning signs to look out for.

Some symptoms of burnout include deep exhaustion and low mood, negativity, irritability, and finding it a struggle to concentrate.

It’s easy to perceive burnout as a challenging time that you have to push through, but health is wealth - even if it’s all in your head.

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