Bun Times, traditional filling bakery closing on 28 Nov

Bun Times, a bakery in Joo Koon with a rich Hainanese heritage, is set to close on 28 Nov. There seems to be an unfortunate trend of traditional stores closing down these past few years. It’s just sad to see. 

Bun Times - stall front

Bun Times specialises in buns stuffed with Hainanese ingredients, and creates a litany of treats oozing those nostalgic flavours. They previously had two outlets, one in Tampines and the other at the above-mentioned Joo Koon location. The duo was reduced to one, and now even that will soon be gone.

They had tried to stay true to Hainanese flavours, even hiring a consultant to stick to the culinary heritage even when the work that went into each bun would increase. This was important to them as they are still a sub-brand under Old Chang Kee and the public expects a variety fillings.

Bun Times - Bread

Bun Times usually rolls out their staple buns (S$1.80 each) with fillings like Curry Chicken, Coconut, Luncheon Meat, BBQ Chicken and Sardine. That said, they also have limited-time specials and promotions during festive occasions.

The curry flavour especially should be familiar to Old Chang Kee fans. It tastes the same as their puffs as Bun Times leverages their recipe.

Bun Times - Egg Tart

Of course, no old fashion bakery would be complete without Portuguese Egg Tarts (S$1.90). After all, this centuries-old treat has long been a Cantonese pastry staple in traditional bakeries.

Yet, nostalgia does not seem to be a powerful enough tool to keep Bun Times afloat. While one could argue that bakeries are a dime a dozen in Singapore, it’s sad to see, especially places that hold on to the roots of the forefathers.

With their closing in mind, perhaps you’d like to be nostalgic before the month ends. Have a soft, fluffy bun stuffed with traditional goodness while you can.

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