"Budak Kripto" producer says outdated poster is intentional

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10 Nov – After becoming the butt of a joke for the outdated poster design for new movie, "Budak Kripto", producer Zamzuri Mohammed Tahir is now saying that they purposely made it that way to gain attention.

Speaking to Harian Metro about the criticism against the movie poster, Zamzuri said that they were using "reverse psychology" as a marketing strategy for the film.

"I really want people to be talking about it, and indirectly finding out about the existence of this Budak Kripto film," he said. He added that the trailer for the movie has received over 50,000 views in a short period of time so that has proven that his strategy is successful.

According to him, there is a message to be conveyed behind the poster, which many commented to "look like something that is used for 1990's VCDs."

"The storyline of Budak Kripto touches on a get-rich-quick scheme that was once the talk of the town around the 1990s. That was also the time that DVD movies were so popular and indirectly, it was also relevant. The appearance of the main actor, Zam Azmi as Putra in the poster was not in the film. It was actually the real character of Putra who 'robbed' the villagers' money through get rich quick scheme," he said.

Directed by Din CJ, the movie, which introduces newcomer Zam Azmi and Nurul Hida, also stars Fahrin Ahmad, Kazar, Allahyarham Mamat Khalid, the late Acappan, A Galak, Liza Abdullah and many more.

The movie will be released in Malaysian cinemas on 11 November.

(Photo Source: David Teo Instagram)

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