Millions of Brits have already used up all their annual leave and booked their holidays for 2020

Millions of Brits have already got all their holidays sorted for this year [Image: Getty]
Millions of Brits have already got all their holidays sorted for this year [Image: Getty]

Most people have only just managed to put away their Christmas tree and thought of a New Year’s resolution.

But millions of Brits have already found time to use up this year’s annual leave in its entirety - and book all their holidays for 2020.

According to a new survey of 2,000 adults, a third of the nation admitted to having planned their over the next 12 months trips before last year had even finished.

Reasons included beating colleagues to getting time off approved, and also having something to look forward to.

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More baffling still, one in four have already got holidays for 2021 in motion.

Almost two-fifths of people booked getaways so far in advance because they liked to get organised.

Additionally, one in five noted that it helped lift their mood at the time of booking.

Another reason was that getting prepared could help spread the cost and help holidaymakers budget for their time away.

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Nigel Wolstenholme, head of consumer brand for, which commissioned the research, said: “The excitement of planning a holiday lasts all the way from the moment you book to the day you travel, because there’s lots to think about in between.

“Booking early tends to be the best way to get a good deal – and it means you’ve got plenty of time to research and find the most suitable options for your trip.

“Leaving things like hiring a car or booking excursions to the last minute means prices are likely to have gone up, and there’ll be fewer options left to choose between.

"It’s better to build them into your itinerary from the start.”

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What’s more, the study also discovered that the average Brit already had ten days - or two weeks - of annual leave booked off for 2020 before last year was over.

Most UK adults are planning three separate trips for the year - while one in ten are keen to take six or more.

Just over a fifth will enjoy “staycations”, with seven in ten are hoping for something more exotic.

As well as mainland Europe, one in seven will jet across the Atlantic to the United States this year.

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Thailand, Australia and the United Arab Emirates are also popular choices of destinations, with Oman, Panama and Sri Lanka even on the list of some travellers.

Two-thirds of Brits will travel abroad with a partner, and one in three will have kids with them.

And one in seven are set to enjoy a solo break.

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