British couple spend 10 years travelling the world and still bring in six-figure salary

Caroline Allen
The couple left their corporate jobs. [Photo: SWNS]

Most people dream of selling up and travelling the world at some point in their lives.

For many, it’s the lack of financial security that dictates their decision not to. For others, it’s the worry that they’d struggle to get jobs in different countries.

Yulia and Paul Tarbath have proven it can be done, though.

In 2009, the pair left their corporate jobs, sold their house in Sutton, Surrey and embarked on a ten year adventure of a lifetime.

The pair enjoying their time in Thailand. [Photo: SWNS]

They began their trip in India in 2009 with no plans or idea of when they might return home.

They started by moving to different locations every few months while living on the savings and proceeds they made on their four-bedroom home.

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It wasn’t until their pot of money began to run out that the couple realised if they wanted to carry on their adventure they were going to have to find a source of income.

They became weight-loss life coaches and claim to make a six-figure sum while travelling the world and teaching people how to live a healthy lifestyle.

They became healthy eating life coaches. [Photo: SWNS]
A stop of on their adventure in Bali. [Photo: SWNS]

“We run the business online and have a YouTube channel where we mentor our clients. We both love living a healthy lifestyle and wanted to build health coaching courses so we could help other people.

“We help people with chronic health problems. Wherever we have internet we can run our business so it works really well for us. We made six figures last year and we live on that to travel.” Yulia explained.

They had their child, Elaine, on the move and visit the UK every couple of years for two months at a time. The spend time with family or in rented accommodation.

The girl, who is now of school age, spent the first few years of her life on adventures with her parents but they’ve decided that now is the time to stay in one place for a bit.

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Now Elaine is older, the couple have decided to settle in Spain so she can be enrolled in a school there.

Yulia continued: “When she was first born it was very easy to travel but eventually she started getting sad when leaving friends behind. We have settled in Spain for a while to allow her to make friendships.

“Doing what we have done was the best decision we ever made. It has been the best possible upbringing for our daughter and she has always been surrounded by amazing things.”

At times, they do miss the home comforts of the UK but it’s the British weather that keeps them on the move.

We can all relate.

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