Brilliant Becca from Brazil

In a world of the same basic behavior put forth on the internet, Becca Tepper Teruel radiates bright energy through the content she posts with her dad, Robert Tepper. The dynamic duo of videos, dances, and comedy has connected thousands of individuals! Originally from San Diego, Becca continues to make her mark Worldwide!

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Beneath the face of social media, Teruel is a stellar entrepreneur, as she inspires many young women through the work of her series of investments into Airbnb. Becca and her husband, Juliano Teruel, been working on constructing an empire of Airbnbs within Brazil. In light of the success she has drawn to herself, next year Becca will be hosting retreats at this gorgeous, rainforest-setting Airbnb. This retreat aims at bridging a transformational form of healing through meditation and yoga. Not only does this experience entail this healing process but promotes the strengthening of your mental health by rekindling your relationship with nature.

Lake fishing, exercising, and healthy eating through locally sourced foods, are some of the clear goals to a better lifestyle and overall happy mindset. Aside from the achievement in the Airbnb industry, Becca Teruel also accomplished winning Official Miss Jetset. This monumental moment in her life unlocked opportunities to inspire people to go after their dreams and accomplish anything their mind is set to. Alongside the beauty and the brains, Becca Teruel is extremely knowledgeable in the online business industry. It was her previous experience owning a storefront for years that kick-started her career
with her Filter business (Becca Bling).

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The motive behind the creative content and entrepreneur mentality is that desire to embolden others to be unique and true to your soul. The fear of working a “regular job,” has transformed her entire way of living. It is always the mindset of “what's next” or “what can be created?.” Becca Teruel states

“Not only can you make all your dreams a reality, but you can also make money while doing so and helping others.”

Through all of the hard work, Becca has interests outside of social media and investing. She is an avid runner and exercises daily. It is through perseverance and the discipline of exercising every day that Becca has overcome the obstacle of coming off her Adderall for her ADHD. Her husband Juliano Teruel, a former national swimming champion, has been a rock through this process.

Given his experience and notability worldwide with triathletes, he has pushed her to be the best version of herself mentally and physically.

Overall, the Brilliant Becca from Brazil is a phenomenal entrepreneur with an empire of followers on social media. It is her confidence and power that attract good energy and success into her life. Her next project is unknown, but what we do know is that it will be something incredible and life-changing to