Bright and Nene sparked dating rumours

23 Apr - Fans of Thai actor Bright Vachirawit Chivaaree (aka Bright) went nuts after he was spotted with Thai-Chinese singer and actress Nene Zheng (aka Pornnappan Pornpenpipat) in Japan.

A video recently went viral showing a couple holding hands on the street of what looks like Tokyo, with many saying that the two are actually Bright and Nene. This came after several netizens alleged that they saw the two of them eating at a restaurant.

It is noted that Bright had recently held a fan meeting in Tokyo.

Bright and Nene have worked together in the past. The Bonbon Girls 303 member played a supporting role in Bright and Win's BL series, "2gether: The Series".

Nene sparked Chinese netizens' anger back in 2020, after she reportedly liked a post from Bright's Instagram account. It is noted that the "F4 Thailand" star drew ire of mainland netizens at the time over retweeting an article which listed Hong Kong as a country.

Bright drew mainland netizens flak back in 2020
Bright drew mainland netizens flak back in 2020

(Photo Source: Bright IG, Nene IG)