Bride faces backlash after criticising bridesmaids for not paying for £215 dresses

Danielle Fowler
Freelance Writer
A bride-to-be isn't happy that her bridesmaids won't pay for their dresses [Photo: Getty]

From an engagement present to the lavish hen party, the cost of a friend’s wedding can soon add up - and that’s before she’s even said “I do”.

But one bride-to-be doesn’t understand why her bridesmaids won’t fork out £215 for their dresses on the big day.

Taking to online forum WeddingBee, the Australian woman explained her frustration at the situation - explaining that her sister and best friend both have full-time jobs and no children to pay for.

“My bridesmaids have made a big deal about how much everything is costing for my wedding,” she wrote. “One is my sister and the other is a best friend who might as well be a sister. They both have full time jobs and no kids.”

She then goes on to add that the bridesmaids regularly purchase new dresses and shoes for forthcoming events but won’t dig into their pockets for her wedding day.

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“They were saying that it is costing them heaps because they want to pay for me for my bachelorette night,” the bride continued. “I offered to put $100 (approximately £57) towards their dresses to help which they were both happy with.”

The bride also expects the bridesmaids to fund the cost of the hen party [Photo: Getty]

But since making the proposal, things have changed.

Now, the bride is funding her spot on the hen party as well as putting money towards their dresses.

“They both don’t seem to get that I am up for a lot of money paying for the rest of the wedding, and while that is nothing to do with them, I think they are being a little selfish in expecting me to pay for both. What should I do?”

Understandably, a large number of forum users backed the bridesmaids’ refusal to pay pointing out that it should be the bride’s financial responsibility.

“It’s your wedding and bachelorette, not theirs,” one commented.

“My bridesmaids wore whatever they wanted (literally - they picked the colour, style, shoes and everything, some didn’t buy anything new and they were all mismatched in similar colours),” they continued. “If I wanted them to wear something in particular, I would have bought it, no question.”

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Another also highlighted that it’s her big day, adding: “I hate when brides use the excuse of them having other wedding costs as an excuse to make unreasonable demands of their bridesmaids.”

“You chose to have a wedding, you decided on the budget and that should have nothing to do with the bridesmaids,” they concluded.

A third bluntly added, “You chose to get married. They didn’t. Why should they have to come out of pocket like that? Your wedding. You pay.”

What do you make of the situation?

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