The Brady Bunch Home Sold for $300K LESS After HGTV's Massive Renovation

brady bunch house
Why Did The Brady Bunch Home Sell for a Loss?Anthony Barcelo

Move over, Carol and Mike Brady: There's a new owner of a certain midcentury home. According to The Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles-based property that was used as the exterior of The Brady Bunch home has been sold for $3.2 million. But while the multi-million dollar price tag is certainly nothing to scoff at, we were surprised to learn it was sold for nine percent less than what HGTV purchased it a few years ago.

In case you forgot, the home improvement channel purchased the residence for $3.5 million in 2018. Of course, there's more to this acquisition than an iconic addition to the network's real-estate portfolio: HGTV premiered A Very Brady Renovation, a series where the channel's most popular stars teamed up with the original Brady family to spruce up the historic home in Los Angeles' Studio City neighborhood. See, while the house played the exterior of the Brady home, its interior looked nothing like the rooms as seen on TV, because those were sets built on a soundstage. The designers on the how recreated those famous interiors—such as the floating staircase and groovy kitchen—but they also added 3,000 square-feet to create a second story.

With all those upgrades under its roof, the home was listed in May for $5.5 million—only to be sold for less than it was purchased. After HGTV put so much work into the home, it is shocking that the home was sold for a whopping $2 million below asking. So, what gives?

If you ask Tina Trahan, a historic home enthusiast and the Brady bungalow's new owner, she thinks HGTV overpaid when they were in a bidding war with boy bander Lance Bass in 2019. And that perhaps the designers did TOO good a job making the house look like a set, rather than a home. "Nobody is going to live in it," she mused to The Wall Street Journal. "No one is going in there to make pork chops and applesauce in that kitchen. Anything you might do to make the house livable would take away from what I consider artwork." In fact, she plans not to live in her new real estate, but to use it for charity and fundraising events.

But perhaps the home's spot in television is exactly what affected its bottom line. Theoretically, it'd be awesome to live in the Brady house; however, this home has a very specific look and not everyone wants to live in a time capsule. (And that's before you factor in the possibility of fans swinging by to snap some selfies with the facade.)

Despite the lower offer, this real-estate move is making the world a whole lot brighter: As House Beautiful reported in May, HGTV plans to donate part of the proceeds to Turn Up! Fight Hunger, a partnership between No Kid Hungry and Warner Bros. Discovery that aims to curb children's hunger in the United States. Want to check out more of this very Brady home? Read on for an intimate look at the iconic abode.

The Foyer

Talk about a grand entrance! The Studio City home's existing foyer was reimagined to have the show's iconic floating staircase—a feature which wasn't original to the house, but to the soundstage where the show was filmed.

brady bunch foyer
Anthony Barcelo

The Living Area

It doesn't matter if the new owner is an avid host or also has a family of six, one thing's for sure: The home's sunken living area has enough room for a crowd!

brady bunch living area
Anthony Barcelo

The Brady Bunch Home Kitchen

This home's remodeled kitchen looks so much like The Brady Bunch set that we can practically smell the pork chops and applesauce Alice used to prep for Peter.

brady bunch kitchen
Anthony Barcelo

The Girl's Bedroom

With pops of pick and a floral repeat, this bedroom is the perfect spot to play with your Kitty Carry-All, rock out to Davy Jones, or daydream about George Glass.

brady bunch girls room
Anthony Barcelo

The Boy's Room

Found: An ultimate man cave for Greg, Peter, Bobby, and... well any guest who needs a place to stay! The generous room is given a cinematic touch with wooden panels and blue accents.

brady bunch boys room
Anthony Barcelo

The Backyard

The property even comes with a backyard, complete with a swing set and dog house for Tiger. We just hope the new owner practices caution when throwing a football outside; we don't want anyone to have a broken nose like Marcia!

brady bunch backyard
Anthony Barcelo

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