Bosco Wong laughs off cheating rumours

26 Dec – Bosco Wong has recently dismissed rumours alleging that he is cheating on his supposed actual girlfriend Sophia Zhang with TVB starlet Rose Chan.

As reported on On CC, the rumours sparked recently, with sources claiming that the actor had actually started seeing the Chinese actress in secret after working together in the 2016 drama "With You", and was still with the actress when he started going out with Rose as well, whom he worked with in 2017 drama "Guardian Angel".

It was reported that despite his philandering ways, Sophia remained faithful, and would even fly to Hong Kong from time to time to see him.

When asked about the rumours, Bosco couldn't help but laugh, saying that there was no truth to it at all.

"I am just friends with both Sophia and Rose," he said, stressing that he is currently single.

Sophia also responded to the rumours on social media, writing, "We're just friends. Happy Winter Solstice."

Bosco's last known romance was with Japanese model Jun. Prior to that, he was in a long-time relationship with Myolie Wu.