Born On Friday? Know About The Various Aspects Of Your Life

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Astrology Is About The Karmic Legacy That We Inherit In Space -Time
Human development cannot excel without the support of nature. The more humans integrate with their surroundings, the more harmoniously & smoothly they can live. Well, astrology is a time-tested science that helps in this integration. Astrology analyses the movement of celestial bodies, deciphers their language and predicts what the stars speak. In the process, it helps improve our lives. As per astrology, the point in time & space at which we are born, we inherit the prevailing karmic legacy of the universe existing at that time. So, when and where we are born holds a lot of importance in deciding our destiny. Besides, in a more general sense, we are also what we are if we are born on a particular day. So, if you are born on a Sunday, you will have a particular set of characteristics; if on a Tuesday, there would be some other set of characteristics, and so on. Well, here are some characteristics of the people born on Friday:

Every Day Has A Prominent Planet Assigned To It
In astrology, every day has one planet attached to it majorly. As for Friday, the planet which impacts it the most is Venus. As we know, Venus is about love aka the God of Romance. It’s also about luxury, etiquette, beauty, comfort, sophistication and so on.

So, if you are born on a Friday, you must be a natural at finding love and being loved . At the same time, you will have an inkling towards fashion, entertainment and music.

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The Personality Of Friday Born People
If you were born on Friday, you will have a special charm. It won't take long for people to notice you. Sometimes you can become the centre of attraction with your words, sometimes with beauty and sometimes with knowledge. You love to dance, sing, make fashion statements, or get associated with art, wear jewellery, watch movies and travel to exotic locations . In a nutshell, you believe in living life to the fullest. However, sometimes you may put yourself in a comfort zone. At times, you may also feel a little jealous. At times, you become so captivated by luxury that you may even end up teaming with the wrong people to make money. In the end, you may have to bear the loss later on.

The Career Prospects Of Friday Born People
You are charming! Have we not stressed enough! Friday borns are naturally extremely charming people! You are someone who always wants to have a positive atmosphere around them. You are very creative and are always ready to try something new. If you are a working professional, your workstation would be a delight to the eyes. You always want to work on new ideas. Professions like dancing, music, teaching, computer software industry, content writing, fashion, entertainment industry, gems and jewellery, interior designing are most suitable for you. There is a new challenge in your task every day. You accept these challenges and make sure that you do the job well. No compromise there!

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Love Life Of Friday Born People
People born on Friday are influenced by Venus. So, the people born on Friday are quite romantic. You can be very vocal about your feelings. Gladly so! However, sometimes you may also fall into one-sided love. You are sometimes not able to differentiate between love and attraction. Just how people get attracted to you so quickly, you also get attracted to someone very quickly. When r in love, you tend to love your partner with full intensity. In cases of heartbreak, you also have the strength to quickly put your heart somewhere else.

Health Of Friday Born People
People born on Friday have to take special care of their health. You tend to be very delicate. Friday borns are often troubled by dust allergies or sunlight. Such people are very fond of food, so they may suffer from diabetes or stomach related diseases. They may also face fertility issues.

Lucky Colour For Friday Born People
The colour of Venus is considered white. So, people born on Friday must wear white colour clothes during any meeting or any special interview. This increases their chances of success. Besides, they can also wear pink or bright-coloured clothes with special jewellery.

Remedies For Friday Born People
First things first you should curb those unnecessary expenses. You should remember that the money spent without thinking can cause you damages. Besides, you should worship Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Durga on Friday. Venus is a disciple of Lord Shiva, so you can benefit by performing jalabhishek to Lord Shiva every Friday. Feed impoverished girls on Friday and giving them essential items.

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