Book a Flight on These Days for the Cheapest Airfare, a New Study Shows

The study also broke down which airlines had the cheapest fares on certain days.

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A new report is revealing that there actually is rhyme and reason for scoring a cheaper flight when booking on a certain day.

A recent data study from Upgraded Points shows that not only is there a way to score a deal by booking on a particular day of the week, but more savings can be found when you select by airline. For example, United Airlines prices tend to be higher on Thursday and Friday, but cheapest on Sundays.

For all of the airlines, the cheapest fares could be found most often on Mondays and Tuesdays, where there was a 5.2 percent discount in the total airfare, on average. However, passengers who book tickets on a Saturday will pay the highest prices, with a 7.3 percent increase from the average cost of a ticket. 

When booking with a specific airline, American Airlines had the least amount of change based on the day booked, however Thursdays and Fridays tended to be slightly cheaper. Delta Air Lines had the cheapest prices on Thursdays, with an average savings of $35. For passengers booking on low-cost carriers JetBlue and Spirit, Mondays and Tuesdays were the cheapest dates to book. 

"While the flight prices we’ve explored change day by day, one thing remains constant: the importance of informed decision-making in travel booking. As prices continue to rise, savvy travelers will be looking to save where they can," Upgraded Points Founder and CEO Alex Miller said in the report. 

The report analyzed over 44,000 different flights over the course of four weeks to determine the price fluctuations. The report didn’t include Southwest Airlines, as the airline does not publish fares on Google Flights. 

Previous studies have shown that booking a ticket no more than 2.5 months in advance of a departure is the sweet spot for booking a flight deal. As a comparison, for hotel stays, the window is much shorter, with a study recommending that booking 15 days before arrival can help travelers get the best deal. However, travelers should be aware of price match and cancellation policies as tools to help get a better deal if the price drops from the time they make a booking. 

Additionally, for extra savings on airlines' websites, most carriers have promotional fares listed.

Southwest Airlines is offering discounted flights every Wednesday morning, in a new “Wanna Go Wednesday” promotion, while United Airlines has a “current deals & promotions” page that is regularly updated with promotional prices of flights. JetBlue has a “Best Fare Finder” to find an airfare deal. 

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