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Bollywood star Aamir Khan in Singapore (Photo: Marina Bay Sands)

Bollywood star Aamir Khan in Singapore (Photo: Marina Bay Sands)

Bollywood star Aamir Khan in Singapore: My mother is my 'Secret Superstar'

Elizabeth Tong
Entertainment Reporter

Bollywood actor, director and producer Aamir Khan wowed his starstruck fans in Singapore during an intimate Q&A session on Monday (2 October).

All 1,600 free tickets to the fan meet “In Conversation With Aamir Khan, Live In Singapore” at the Marina Bay Sands’ Mastercard Theatres were reportedly snapped up within three hours. Aamir was in town to promote his new film, “Secret Superstar”.

During the event, fans of the popular Hindi veteran actor got to interact with him and take a mass selfie with him. The 52-year-old star also accepted a script from a fan, who said he was inspired to write it because of Khan’s work. Here are some of the exchanges with his fans.

Who is his ‘Secret Superstar’?

“My mother. She has been a huge influence on me, what I am as a human being is shaped because of her. She is someone who is very caring, intelligent, sensible and has an enormous sense of empathy for others.”

What is his day typically like?

“On a typical shooting day, I wake up at 4am, train from 5-6am, then I reach the shooting location at 7am. I usually shoot from 7am to 4 or 5pm, then I’ll be in bed by 8pm. I make sure that I get eight hours of sleep so that I’m well-rested for the next day. Sometimes this schedule will shift forwards or backwards one or two hours, depending on my shooting schedule.”

“If I’m not shooting, my day becomes completely chaotic. I have meetings lined up throughout the day and I will end up working 16 to 18 hours a day. But when I don’t have anything scheduled, I will end up sleeping a lot – 12, 14, 16 hours straight for the whole day. I love sleeping, and I’m a heavy sleeper.”

Why he doesn’t attend award shows

“I’m not disrespecting those who attend such shows, but for me, my priority is my audience. I understand that people want me to attend award shows because they feel that I deserve those awards. But for me, the biggest award that I can get for my work is the audience loving my film. I’m not saying this just to make the audience happy.  That’s why awards are just meaningless to me. And you know, a lot of the awards are also… (trails off and does a ‘so-so’ gesture).”

On the potential of Indian cinema

“I think there’s a lot talent in India, and I’m not just talking about Hindi films but Urdu, Tamil, Nepali, all that. India’s regional cinema is actually very vibrant. We don’t really innovate or do new stuff like how Hollywood does, but we have made a lot of progress too. In terms of how the world views us, I think that they’re slowly becoming more aware of us and appreciating the high quality films that we have to offer.”

Other events in Singapore

Before the fan event last night, Khan also met with the media at a press conference.

He also met and spoke with students at the Global Indian International School as part of the school’s “Leadership Lecture Series”, where he shared stories about his school days and teachers who inspired him.

“Secret Superstar” is slated for global release on 19 October.

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