BoA denies retiring showbiz anytime soon

9 Apr – BoA recently assured fans that everything is well with her and SM Entertainment, after previously posting an ambiguous message on social media.

The singer sparked retirement rumours on 6 April, after she posted, "I guess it's okay to finish a work out after my contract ends", and then clarified that it was a typo for "retirement".

The post sparked speculations that BoA was ready to end her career, especially after she was criticised for her appearance in "Marry My Husband" last month. They also believed that BoA will no longer be a part of SM Entertainment, just as many other artistes under the agency left the building after their contracts were up.

However, the singer has now clarified the situation via social media, saying, "My contract remains until 31 December 2025. Until then, I will do my best as the singer BoA. Don't worry, my dead Jumping BoAs!"

It is noted that BoA has been training since she was 11, and made her debut at the tender age of 15.

The 37-year-old singer made her debut at only 15
The 37-year-old singer made her debut at only 15

(Photo Source: BoA IG)