Singapore’s National Day proposal: Marry me, Finland?

Singapore’s National Day proposal: Marry me, Finland?

This is Singapore's proposal for this year's National Day: to get married to Finland.

Why, you might ask? This is Mentos's latest out-of-the-box solution to one of Singapore's key challenges: overcoming land scarcity.

Styled in a manner similar to last year's "National Night", also released a week ahead of National Day, ad agency BBH Asia Pacific brings new meaning to the acronym NDP (which traditionally stands for National Day Parade) -- it now means, for them, National Day Proposal.

Why Finland? BBH creative director Maurice Wee says, "We have so much in common. We're both rich and... well-educated; and we'd like some of that land. I think Fingapore rolls off the tongue quite nicely!"

So for those of you who forgot about the freshmaker's musical stunt last year (how could you have missed it?), the campaign encouraged married Singaporeans to "do their National Duty", "make fireworks ignite" and "tap (each other) all night like an EZ-link card", among other cringe-worthy but funny baby-making-related puns.

Still doesn't ring a bell? Watch it again here: