Previously-banned ‘Sex.Violence.FamilyValues’ to hit screens 14 March

Shah Salimat
Singapore Showbiz

Sex.Violence.FamilyValues has been given a 14 March release date (The Butter Factory photo)

The previously-banned local film “Sex.Violence.FamilyValues” will be screened at Cathay cinemas for a one-week period beginning 14 March this year.

According to a press release by producers The Butter Factory, distributor Cathay-Keris Films has now given the film more screenings than it did when the film was rated M18 to cater to growing interest in the movie.

The movie was previously banned three days before its original release date of 11 October last year over satirical racial references in one of the film’s short stories, Porn Masala. The movie was rated M18 but was given an R21 classification earlier this year by the Media Development Authority.

Eight seconds of Porn Masala’s 47-minute runtime was edited by director Ken Kwek with the help of Indian classical musician M.S Maniam. In the scene, a Chinese porn movie director played by Adrian Pang trades racial insults with an Indian character played by Vadi PVSS.

“The Films Appeal Committee asked me to edit two partial lines of dialogue amounting to 8 seconds of the film. I invited Maniam to watch the film and help me with the edit. He created a score that ‘mimics’ the tone and substance of the actor's dialogue,” said Kwek to Yahoo! Singapore. “I should add that Maniam, who is Indian, did not find the film remotely offensive.”

Kwek said that within four hours of the announcement of the film’s release date on its Facebook page, the post received more than 11,000 views and 60 shares.

Adrian Pang and Vadi PVSS star in the short film "Porn Masala", one of three parts in Sex.Violence.FamilyValues (Photo courtesy of Ken Kwek)

Cathay ‘delighted’ to show film

According to a Cathay spokesperson, the company is “delighted” to finally be able to show the movie.

“Cathay has always been supportive of alternative content that engages, enlightens and entertains the audience. We are confident that Kenʼs film will still do the same, regardless of an M18 or an R21 rating.”

Producer Tay Eu-Yen, executive chairman and CEO of The Butter Factory, revealed that the movie has been selected for the inaugural Asean International Film Festival to be held in Kuching, Malaysia from 28 to 30 March.

“We are extremely delighted that SVFV has finally been given the recognition it deserves, albeit with a higher rating. It has been a long journey since the ban was put in place. We thank Cathay and all those who have supported us for the faith placed in SVFV,” Eu-Yen said.

In a previous interview with Yahoo! Singapore, Kwek expressed relief towards the lifting of the Not Allowed for All rating, which constitutes a ban.

“That the film is now R21 rather than M18 is not great. That the committee wants edits to the film is not ideal — it wouldn’t be for any serious filmmaker. But these options are better than an outright ban. Between being poked in the eye and kicked in the groin, I'll take being poked in the eye!” said Kwek.

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