S’pore blogger undergoes major facial surgery in Korea

Kai Fong
Singapore Showbiz

Celebrity blogger Peggy Heng shares a photo of herself after a six-hour plastic surgery on her face. (Yahoo! photo)

"Hey yo! I woke up the other day looking like that."

Local celebrity blogger and model Peggy Heng has gone for plastic surgery in Korea, and she's not shy about the fact.

The 23-year-old, who calls herself Thy Dowager, wrote in her latest blog entry on Wednesday, "In less than a day, I went through the most drastic change in my entire life."

Titled "Plastic Surgery in Korea- Sneak Preview", Heng, who was blogging from Korea, shared photos of herself before and after "some six hours of full facial enhancement" that took place last Saturday.

The 23-year-old is now enjoying herself in Seoul, and has taken to shopping, complete with bandages on her face still recovering from the procedure — all detailed in full glory on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

"It's quite common to see people with surgical bandages on their eyes or nose in the shopping streets of Seoul," Heng told The New Paper (TNP) just hours before she flew to South Korea last Friday night.

The fully-sponsored plastic surgery on her eyes, eyelids, nose and chin by Item Clinic, a top cosmetic surgery clinic in Seoul, was reported to have cost an estimated S$17,500.

According to TNP, Heng clinched the deal after she approached their local office in Singapore. As the clinic's first Singaporean blogger ambassador, she will have to blog about her "beauty enhancement journey" for the next five years.

If all goes smooth, Heng will return to Singapore with a face "more perfect… think the Barbie doll look, or the Japanese anime comic character," shared Elaine Teo, regional marketing manager of Item Clinic.

"It's human nature to constantly seek perfection… Most importantly, I want to live for myself — to do this for my own happiness," Heng was quoted on TNP.

It's not the first time the 1.63m model hit local headlines for being "attention-seeking".

The blogger drew flak for starring in a distasteful publicity video last August which saw her kneeling in front of a man and unbuckling his belt. The four-minute video transitions to a promotion for a dating event for singles.

Peggy Heng in the scene of a 2011 publicity video that has riled up netizens. (YouTube screengrab)

But Heng remained unfazed by the criticism and even went on to join various pageants including the recent Miss Singapore International 2012, organized by the Singapore Women's Association. She emerged third-runner-up.

"I'm lucky that my tolerance level is quite high," Heng said on Twitter on Wednesday afternoon.

"Just look like a balloon now. Haha"