Man declares love for girlfriend in flyers posted across New York City

Photos of the poster have been shared numerous times on Twitter and Instagram. (Instagram) (Instagram)

"I love her!"

The flyers start with the simple sentence — in all caps — declaring love for a girl named Kristen.

A man identified only as Danny posted a thousand flyers around New York City for his one-year dating anniversary with the girl he once bullied in middle school.

Read the entire flyer here.

The sweet declarations of love included a request from all those who read it:

"So here's the deal, if you could so kindly take a picture with (or just of) this flyer and post it to Instagram, Twitter and tag #EYJDK, I would think you're super awesome! I was to spread the word far and wide! I would also like to reach 160 photos. Why 160? 16 is her favourite number, but asking for 16 photos is lame. What's EYJDK? It means 'Enjoy Your Journey Danny & Kristen.'"

He ended his note with an even bigger request:

"Also, if anyone knows Matt Lauer (@MLauer), can someone ask him to tweet or take a photo, too? I'm sure she would like that…she has this big celebrity crush on him."

Kristen is one lucky girl. Not only did the flyers go viral — Danny far surpassed his 160-photo goal — but Matt Lauer did get word of the romantic gesture and retweeted it as requested:

Danny then posted pics of his girlfriend reading the sweet comments directed her way on Twitter.

This isn't the first time a smitten guy has let the world know how he feels about his lady. Last fall, Jan Przasnek posted a love letter to his girlfriend in Budapest, Hungary. Instead of just putting up flyers, however, the hopeless romantic posted a massive part-apology, part-proposal across the faces of two buildings.

"If you forgave me, I would turn every minute that you suffered into an hour of joy, and all your tears into a sea of happiness," the very public letter read.

No word on whether the huge gesture actually worked, but we sure hope it did.

What's bolder than a public apology two-building high? A faked death.

Russian hopeless romantic Alexey Bykov faked his own death as part of an elaborate proposal ruse. While some women would have killed their significant other (for real) after pulling such a stunt, Bykov's girlfriend said yes. 'Til death do they part!