Blink-182 Performed at a Denny's and Recreated an Iconic Meme — Watch

The "What the f— is up Denny's?" meme, explained

<p>Estevan Oriol/Getty</p>

Estevan Oriol/Getty

Blink-182's recent concert at a Denny’s location was essentially a big inside joke.

The iconic rock band’s guitarist and co-founder, Tom DeLonge, shared a video on Saturday, Oct. 28 of Blink-182 performing in a very crowded Denny’s in Long Beach, Calif. The clip starts with bassist Mark Hoppus yelling into the microphone “What’s up? What’s up? What the f— is up Denny’s?” before the band starts playing their hit song, “Anthem Part 3.”

DeLonge, 47, captioned the post: “Coming to stadiums, arenas, and @dennysdiner locations near you in 2024. Tickets on sale now.”

Denny’s Instagram account responded to the video: “WHAT’S UP 🤘🤘”

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Hoppus’ introduction wasn’t an original line and neither was the band's unlikely set — it was actually derived from a prior event turned meme. In 2013, according to Stereogum, a metal band Live Without went viral after performing a DIY set at an abandoned Houston, Texas Denny’s, which has become known as the Denny’s Grand Slam.

<p>tom delonge/instagram</p> Blink 182 perform at Denny's

tom delonge/instagram

Blink 182 perform at Denny's

The band’s lead singer shouted the same profane line, before delving into a hardcore song that sent patrons moshing through the diner.

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This event ultimately became a popular meme, inspiring inspiring frontmen everywhere to shout the same line before rocking out. Another band called WACKO also played a show years later at a functional Denny’s in 2019. It was done solely for the meme, according to Thrillist,

Blink-182’s performance took place at a functioning Long Beach, Calif. Denny’s, during a busy week for the band. Aside from just having co-headlined at the Las Vegas When We Were Young music festival alongside Green Day, the band also released their first album since ​​DeLonge rejoined the band, titled One More Time.

Of course, the band’s drummer, Travis Barker, is also awaiting the arrival of his baby with pregnant wife Kourtney Kardashian Barker.

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