Black Panther Is The ‘Anti-Hero’ Of The MCU, Says Chadwick Boseman

With Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ shaping up to be a far more serious outing than what Marvel fans are used to, its star Chadwick Boseman has revealed more about the dark tones of the character.


When the actor spoke to Entertainment Weekly, Boseman didn’t shy away from expressing the way he and director Ryan Coogler (’Creed’) are approaching the story and all who inhabit the fictional kingdom of Wakandu.

“This is an anti-hero, sort of. I feel like although he is a superhero, he is a super anti-hero,” Boseman said. And while the actor has previously, and rather explicitly, told us that Black Panther will be far grittier and more serious than previous Marvel movie instalments, it’s perhaps a fitting style to the character in question and with the story they are attempting to tell.

A much rawer film will likely present itself, especially with the cast and crew depicting the first black solo hero in the Disney/Marvel era, they’ll want to get it right and handle in a more adult manner than, say, ‘Ant-Man’. Not only that, but the ‘Black Panther’ comics are a much darker and more adult themed series, so must reflect that on the big screen.

Boseman also shared that the dialogue coach he had for his latest film, ‘Message from the King’, aided him with the T’Challa character for ‘Black Panther’ too.

“I ended up using the same dialect coach I had from ‘Message from a King’ also, who worked with me personally along with Marvel’s dialect coach on ‘Black Panther’.”


His work on ‘Message from the King’, a revenge story about a man who moves from South Africa to Los Angeles to avenge his sister’s death, is, according to the actor, similar to what he’s working on in the Marvel film.

“Those are two characters based in continental Africa, so some of that cultural aspect of it, the swagger, parts of the dialect you may use – that cultural exploration is definitely something that transferred over [from one role to the next].”

After Boseman stamped his authority on the small role he had in ‘Captain America: Civil War’ earlier this year, the solo movie has really begun to take shape, with the likes of Michael B. Jordan and Lupita Nyongo’o on board of what is a talented and very exciting cast indeed.

‘Black Panther’ is in UK cinemas on 6 July, 2018.

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