The biggest Asian food festival in Malaysia has over 50 stalls & 500 types of food

The hardest question you can ask any Malaysian is “Nak makan apa?”. I can guarantee you that the question will bounce back to the inquirer, and everyone involved will get trapped in an “I don’t mind anything” and “What about you?” battle. If you’ve found yourself in this situation recently, you might want to check out Asia Food Fest in MyTOWN Shopping CentreKuala Lumpur.

Asia Food Fest - Promotional poster

Asia Food Fest is the biggest Asian food festival in Malaysia. The event is happening from 22 Sep 2023 to 1 Oct 2023, and will take place from 11am to 11pm.

The festival features more than 50 vendors across different types of cuisines like Japanese, Thai, Korean, and Chinese. Even more impressive than the number of stalls is the variety of food— 500 types to be exact. There are both Muslim-friendly and non-halal stalls, and these booths are separated.

Asia Food Fest - Table full of food

If you want to immerse yourself fully in the culture, you can rent traditional Japanese and Thai clothing for RM30. There’s no time limit either, so can wear your snazzy new outfit for the entire day. In true 21st century fashion, Asia Food Fest has an Instagrammable lantern wall for you to take pictures in front of— if your followers don’t know, did you actually go?

Asia Food Fest - Korean street food

Some of the delicious eats that visitors can feast on include tteokbokki, Korean fried chicken, crepes, raindrop cake, and more. In need of something refreshing? Get a watermelon of watermelon juice. Yes, you read that right. There’s a stall offering watermelon juice served in an actual watermelon. Other than that, you’ll find dishes like juicy burgers, rich curry mee, and mango sticky rice.

With Asia Food Fest’s daily live performances, your food and drinks won’t be your only source of entertainment. No one can stop you from doing a shoulder shimmy while chowing down on some onigiri.

If this sounds like your jam, drop by Asia Food Fest before time runs out!

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