Beyoncé Does Subtle Cowgirlcore In A Massive Wool Coat And No Pants

Beyoncé Does Subtle Cowgirlcore In A Massive Wool Coat And No Pants

Who needs pants when you have the biggest coat and the tallest boots? Certainly not Beyoncé. The music legend used these elements to serve up a more subtle Western look as she continues to promote her top-charting eighth studio album, Cowboy Carter.

The 'II Most Wanted' singer shared photos of her statement-making outfit to Instagram yesterday. Her ensemble consisted of a black graphic T-shirt that honours country music trailblazer Linda Martell (who appears on tracks 'Spaghettii' and 'The Linda Martell Show') with the cover art for Martell’s album Colour Me Country, paired with black knit briefs with ribbing details by Chloé. She warmed up her outfit with a huge double-breasted wool maxi coat in a black, grey, orange, beige, and white checker pattern and slouchy thigh-high black leather boots with a tall heel and pointed-toe design, both from Chloé. Beyoncé accessorised with Chloé aviator sunglasses with brown-tinted lenses, a small beige purse, several diamond statement rings, and layers of multi-coloured, diamond- and crystal- adorned choker necklaces.

The Cécred founder wore her bronzy-blonde locks with white highlights down and curly with a middle part and glammed up with matte, airbrushed makeup, complete with a pinky-nude lip. Nodding to the American flag symbolism seen throughout Cowboy Carter, Beyoncé completed her look with red, white, and blue French-tip nails.


This is the latest in Beyoncé’s streak of cowgirl looks. She has brought the rodeo with her in a black leather Versace catsuit full of fringe and gold-stud details, a Dries Van Noten denim jumpsuit, a black Givenchy tuxedo with a coquette twist, a glamorous monochromatic brown outfit, and plenty of big-buckled belts, bolo ties, and cowboy hats.

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