Best of Qanvast 2017: The 7 Renovation Trends Our Readers Loved

Let’s look back on the year - Which spaces and styles did Singaporeans love? What were popular with local homeowners on our app and site? Whether the most shared or liked on social media, or a hit with our blog readers, we collate the top interior and renovation trends this year.

Topping the List: Bright & Airy Scandinavian

Interior Designer: Lemonfridge Studio

A clear winner with homeowners on our platform is the bright and airy Scandinavian style which helps provide an illusion of spaciousness.

Most Liked on Facebook: Lemonfridge Studio - The Amore

Most Liked on Instagram: Mr.Shopper Studio - Bendemeer Light

Most Saved On Qanvast: Chapter One - Anchorvale Crescent

With clean-cut carpentry in a pale wood finishes, tons of white and a calm, pastel-colored palette to complement the space, this theme is one of the most liked on social media and saved on Qanvast.

The Runner-Up: The ‘New’ Modern

Interior Designer: 82

The classic, monochromatic modern look is another trend loved by most homeowners - especially on Instagram. Its dramatic contrast offers a visual punch – whilst still bringing a touch of timeless elegance.

Top 9 Instagram Posts in 2017

See an obvious trend? But not just any black-and-white space will do. This year, it’s all about giving it a twist for a bit of fun.

Interior Designer: Habit

Still In Fashion: Japanese-Zen Abodes

Interior Designer: D5 Studio Image

Interior Designer: Ace Space Design

Featuring uncluttered designs and simple woodwork, the calm, Zen-like vibe Japanese-styled homes exude definitely calls out to our busy, frazzled souls. Or perhaps, it’s just our obsession for all things MUJI hitting an all-time high.

Always Popular: Practical Ideas and Tips

Interior Designer: Third Avenue Studio

Every renovation comes with its fair share of research and planning. As always, serious renovators are saving articles on practical ideas from our platform.

Interior Designer: 82

Images that did best from our Pinterest feed were unique storage solutions and functional ideas – like this built-in wardrobe from Posh Home. While the most saved articles in 2017 mainly revolved around practical advice and must-know renovation tips.

Most Bookmarked Articles of 2017:

We All Love A Good Makeover Show

Just like how we love keeping our eyes peeled for a new episode of ‘Fixer Upper’ and ‘Flip or Flop’, our series of 'Before & After’ HDB makeover posts have become two of our most read blog articles this year.

Check out those jaw-dropping transformations again:

Obsessed: Achieving the 'Private’ Look

Interior Designer: Mr. Shopper Studio

We all dream about living in a fancy condo or huge bungalow. So, anything that brings this fantasy to reality is a sure-hit with the crowd. In particular, homeowners love reading a good rags-to-riches story.

Interior Designer: Linear Space Concepts

Posts on how modest HDBs are transformed into living spaces that rival swanky private homes, or HDB flats that offer non-cookie-cutter living you won’t find anywhere else have captured the imaginations of ambitious homeowners (and curious onlookers) online.

Get the landed look for less with these top reader picks:

Most Importantly… It’s All About The Money

Interior Designer: Boon Siew D'sign

Just how expensive is renovating a home? Whether it’s figuring out the right budget or money-saving designs, cost-related topics have been on the minds of many homeowners this year (or any year, really).

Interior Designer: akiHAUS

Make the most out of your moolah with these popular reads:

New year, new rules

Whether you agree (or disagree) with these trends listed - get started on a clean slate for your home with our 2018 trend forecast guide here.

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