The best Penang white curry mee, only RM7.50 at Hot Bowl White Curry Mee

When in Penang, don’t miss the opportunity to savour the exquisite white curry mee. Visit Hot Bowl White Curry Mee in George Town, for a taste of the finest curry mee in the city.

How Bowl White Curry Mee - Sign

Recommended by the Michelin Guide, this establishment offers White Curry Mee in 2 sizes— small (RM7.50) and large (RM9). True to its name, the broth of this curry mee is white as it’s coconut-milk-based and is accompanied by yellow noodles, bihun, beancurd, cockles, and squid.

How Bowl White Curry Mee - White curry mee

You have the option to devour the bowl of white curry mee on its own or elevate your experience by adding chilli paste. This not only transforms the white broth into a vibrant red hue but also imparts a bold, spicy kick that enhances the overall flavours of the dish.

You can also customise your dish with additional ingredients of your choice. Options include prawns (RM3.50), squid (RM3.50), cockles (RM2), fish ball (RM1.50), fried fish ball (RM1.50), pork meatballs (RM2), ginger pork meatballs (RM2), crab sticks (RM1.50), chicken gizzards (RM1.50), extra soup (RM1), and extra noodles (RM1).

Hot Bowl White Curry Mee - Steamed chicken

Another essential delicacy to sample at Hot Bowl White Curry Mee is the Deboned Steamed Chicken (RM7.50). The chicken is skilfully cooked to tender perfection and generously coated with soy sauce, creating an ideal complement to a serving of white curry mee.

Hot Bowl White Curry Mee - Spiced Loh Bak

Make sure not to overlook the Spiced Loh Bak (RM5), a fried delicacy that has garnered widespread affection. It consists of a harmonious blend of minced pork, prawns, and an array of spices encased in beancurd skin, adding an extra layer of flavour to your meal.

Immerse yourself in the culinary delights of Penang at Hot Bowl White Curry Mee, where each spoonful promises a burst of authentic flavours that will leave you craving for more. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, this spot is a gem for those seeking a memorable and delicious taste of Penang’s renowned white curry mee.

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