9 best lobster eateries in Singapore that will have you salivating for more

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All three classic Luke's Lobster rolls—from left to right; Crab Roll, Lobster Roll and Prawn Roll—will be available in Luke's Lobster Singapore. (PHOTO: Luke's Lobster)
All three classic Luke's Lobster rolls—from left to right; Crab Roll, Lobster Roll and Prawn Roll—will be available in Luke's Lobster Singapore. (PHOTO: Luke's Lobster)

Lobsters come to mind when we think of premium seafood dishes and the recent years saw an uptick in various lobster eateries opening up in Singapore. Want to treat yourself to a feast of juicy and succulent lobster meat? Yahoo Lifestyle SEA got you covered with these recommendations from all around the island!

Luke’s Lobster

Opening on 23 September, New York-based Luke’s Lobster will be serving up their famous lobster rolls (S$25.50), crab rolls (S$23.50), and shrimp rolls (S$21.50) at Isetan Scotts, the brand’s first restaurant in South-east Asia.

The opening menu will stay true to Luke’s Lobster’s core – sustainably sourced ocean-to-plate Maine lobsters and seafood – served in Maine-style rolls with mayonnaise, lemon butter and the brand’s signature sauce.

Burger & Lobster

Being one of the most popular casual restaurants in London, Burger & Lobster opened at Singapore’s Jewel Changi Airport with much fanfare in 2019.

With their second branch opened at Raffles Hotel Arcade, the chain continues to offer their famed Original Roll (S$40++) on brioche buns, overflowing with sweet lobster meat. You can dip the roll in their butter garlic sauce or simply eat it with a drizzle of lemon juice.

Cajun on Wheels

A great Halal-certified seafood joint for our Muslim friends, Cajun on Wheels offers juicy lobster flesh in their Lobster Dapster bucket (S$120).

The Louisiana-style bucket of lobster, crabs, prawns and oysters serves two to three persons with a variety of sauces to go with their seafood. Don’t be afraid to get messy and dip your lobster claw in a dynamic blend of herb and butter sauce or Singapore’s favourite chilli crab sauce for a little more spice.

Pince & Pints

East meets West at Pince & Pints, where they have been dishing up premium lobster dishes and lobster rolls for Singaporeans since 2014. Indulge in their Cantonese-styled steamed lobster (S$58++), with live whole lobster cooked on a bed of vermicelli, or the chilli or black pepper lobster (S$58++) served with fried mantou.

Take your pick between East and West with the nyonya chilli sauce or the classic garlic butter dressing on your Lobster Roll (S$58++). The brand also makes sure that they import only from farms that harvest their lobsters with sustainable practice.

Chunky Lobsters

Chunky Lobsters changed mindsets when they brought in “affordable” lobsters via the chain’s S$16 lobster rolls. With their “seafood made affordable” tagline, the brand encourages on-the-go takeaway meals at their small outlets to keep costs low, bringing upmarket seafood to the mass market.

Chunky Lobsters’ Original Lobster Roll (S$16) is served with the traditional mayonnaise and lemon sauce while the Cheezy Lobster Roll (S$16) is topped with a blend of different cheeses. The brand had also recently launched the Lobster Platter (S$98) that serves two to three pax and requires one-day advance order.

Lobster broth ramen. (PHOTO: Ramen Keisuke Lobster King)
Lobster broth ramen. (PHOTO: Ramen Keisuke Lobster King)

Ramen Keisuke Lobster King

Inspired by lobster bisque, Chef Keisuke Takeda goes back to his French culinary roots at Ramen Keisuke Lobster King. French rock lobsters are selected for their rich flavour and to make the broth.

The pan-fried lobster shells are simmered for at least six hours to create their special broth, and prices start at an affordable S$13.90. While you do not get lobster chunks in the ramen, you can choose from clear, rich, creamy, and spicy miso soup bases; all made with the French rock lobsters.

Lobsters & Ice Cream V2.0

Rebranding themselves to Lobsters & Ice Cream V2.0, the brand’s cramped Chinatown kiosk has since upgraded to a cosy minimalist restaurant at Tanjong Pagar. Try their Standard Lobster Roll (S$18++) and opt for their signature Maine-style sauce or even the familiar chilli crab sauce. Choose to top it with mentaiko sauce (S$2) or premium truffle sauce (S$4), or even splurge a little and add caviar for S$4 more.

You can also choose to have it in burger rolls or on tacos. The joint offers not just lobsters but also a variety of seafood such as crabs, prawns, and scallops as stuffings.

Naked Finn

Doing things differently, Naked Finn’s Connecticut-style lobster roll (S$35) serves up chunks of lobster meat grilled with unsalted butter and sandwiched in a warm toasted baguette. The lobster rolls are only available during lunch, served with a topping of crème fraîche or house-made shio kombu mayonnaise sauce. Shoestring truffle fries topped with Parmesan cheese are also served together with the roll.

On the dinner menu, however, is the lobster bisque (S$22), prepared with roasted lobster (head & roe), skate stock, tomato purée, and brandy.

The Market Grill

Flying in live Boston lobsters, The Market Grill is well known for their signature lobster bisque (S$18) cooked with prawns, cognac, cream and croutons. With a selection of both Boston and Maine lobsters, you can have the crustacean whole (S$56) cooked chargrilled, steamed or Thermidor-style (additional S$5).

Lobster roll (S$46) at The Market Grill is more than just chunky flesh of meats. The toasted brioche roll is stuffed full of a whole lobster topped with herby pommery mayonnaise, and served with fries. Also well-known for their premium cuts of meat, you can get the best of both worlds with Surf & Turf (S$92) — whole lobster, artisanal cuts of beef, greens, and mashed potatoes.

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