The Best iPhone 13 Screen Protector You Must Install Right Now!

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Hi, Apple fans! So the iPhone 13 just launched, and like you guys, I was so thrilled to get my brand new iPhone asap. But what about the protection? Especially for the latest ceramic shield display?

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Well, no matter what protection you get out of the box, breaking the display of the iPhone is so much pain. Even I have this terrible experience. That's why people who broke their iPhone's display once will always recommend you to use a glass protector.

So, It's time to protect your brand new iPhone 13 with a screen protector. But there are many different kinds of screen protectors for iPhones, but which is the best? Well, I am going to talk about one today. Read on to find out!

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PULEN Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 13

This iPhone 13 screen protector is for people who need protection without obscuring their vision. It's designed to keep your phone durable with added protection where it matters most - the screen and camera lens on the edge of the device. The ultra-durable design will ensure excellent visibility, precise touch sensitivity, and easy installation.

As a glass screen protector with a 9H hardness rating, the PULEN will protect your iPhone 13 from unwanted scuffs and scratches. The clarity of the camera lens protector is perfect for taking pictures without losing any quality.

Why is this PULEN Glass Screen Protector the best option among all other front glass protectors?

The 9H Hardness screen protector can effectively protect your phone from unwanted scuffs and scratches by knives, keys or other complex substances. This ultra-durable front-screen shield, as well as the camera lens, also makes the edge of a smartphone's display not easily damaged - providing comprehensive protection for your device!

The edges of your device are well finished to provide maximum protection from scratches and dust. You'll get not only one but two screen protectors as well as camera lens covers!

The Box will come to you, including an installation kit so that you can place the screen and camera lens protectors on your own. You'll be able to install this protector quickly and easily with clear instructions!

Features that make this air fryer the best choice:

  • 2-pack protectors: You will get two sets of front screen and back camera lens protector glasses out of the box.

  • Easy to install: It is very easy to install the protectors in your iPhone. You just need to insert the front glass protector in the installer kit and place the installer kit above your phone's screen. Then you have to pull up the installer according to the tutorial (You will get it in the manual).

  • Maximum protection: It is a high-density glass protector with 8-layer structural and 10x sturdier than the average iPhone screen guard.

  • Super finishing on the edges: The edges of both front glass and the back camera protection are cut with super finishing so that they can fit perfectly without generating any bubbles inside.

What's on the box?

  • 2 Screen Protector

  • 2 Camera Lens Protector

  • 2 Wet Wipe

  • 2 Dry Wipe

  • 2 Dust Absorber

  • 1 Dust cloth

  • 1 Install guide.


So, it's time for a PULEN glass screen protector for your newly launched iPhone. It's straightforward to install, and you are getting 2 packs of each protector, which is a really great deal to try. Make sure you check out the product through our link to support our effort to bring this fantastic glass protector for iPhone.

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