The best films on TV: Sunday, 3 May

Ben Dadds
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Money Monster, Get On Up, Uncle Buck.
Money Monster, Get On Up, Uncle Buck.

Cinematic classics, family friendly fun and foreign language thrills are all on offer this weekend as TopFilmTip brings you the best films on TV for Sunday, 3 May.

Some films may require a Sky subscription.

Under British Special Operations Executive’s authority a French woman returns to her homeland, fights for the resistance and refuses to break under nazi interrogation in Odette 12:05pm BBC Two

The Duke protects a woman and her niece from an imminent onslaught and the amorous interests of his soldiers in She Wore a Yellow Ribbon 1:25pm Sony Movies Action

Over five decades four generations of American settlers win and lose fortunes, survive bandits, wars and nature to build motorway in sprawling epic How the West Was Won 1:25pm ITV4

American actor Gregory Peck playing cards in a saloon in the film How the West Was Won. USA, 1962 (Photo by Mondadori via Getty Images)
American actor Gregory Peck playing cards in a saloon in the film How the West Was Won. USA, 1962 (Photo by Mondadori via Getty Images)

Socially inept outcast covers man in child-vomit, destroys priceless work of art and indulges in impromptu medical surgery Bean 2:30pm Comedy Central

Naive and illiterate mixed race Steve McQueen learns to read and kill in swamp jailed, dirty fighting revenge western Nevada Smith 4:30pm ITV4

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Lost in New York, timid hound and rehoused stray survive sewers, maniacal bunny and each other to make it home to their owner in family fun The Secret Life of Pets 5:15pm ITV2

Top comedy as John Candy’s hatchet burying, dog overfeeding, irresponsible bachelor looks after his brothers kids in Uncle Buck 7:00pm ITV2

Vegetarian predator helps gambling addicted sea creature tackle the fishy-mob in undersea kids coming-out allegory Shark Tale 7:10pm E4

Fiscally ruined everyman Jack O’Connell takes TV stocks tipster hostage in Jodie Foster’s taut Wall Street thriller Money Monster 9:00pm Sony Movies

Denzel Washington exacts a bombastic reign of vengeance upon the kidnappers of a child he was charged with protecting in Man on Fire 10:10pm Alibi

Born in poverty, self-sufficient Soul Brother becomes toilet coveting Mr Dynamite in unflinching, stirring true Funk story Get On Up 11:10pm Film 4

Statuesque incest survivor reluctantly embarks on path of vengeance in blinding, surreal, nightmarish neon-noir Only God Forgives 1:00am Sony Movies

To save his daughter from her addiction, surgeon sets about orchestrating vengeful destruction of those who exploited her innocence in brutal thriller The Oath (Eiðurinn) 12:55am Film 4

Held captive in riot van holding cell, all parts of Egyptian society are forced to face each other's reality in wake of political tumult. Masterful filmcraft in Clash 2:00am Channel 4

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