Bella Su makes singing debut



4 Sep – Social media influencer Bella Su recently announced that she is making her debut as a singer.

Announcing the news last week, Bella, who was the girlfriend of late Canadian-Chinese actor Godfrey Gao, posted several photos including one of her in the recording studio, and wrote, "Maybe because I've felt the sensations of "loss" and "death" at some point in life, that feeling of being emotionally drained, constantly falling and growing, with time's passage, has given me more courage. The courage to pursue an ideal life, to chase dreams, and to authentically be myself."

"At the beginning of this year, I finally made all the preparations in my heart and decided to take this step, so I can get closer to my music dream. It was a big gamble taken with a lot of courage. As an independent artist, with no prior experience... everything had to be done by myself, from recording and forming a team to finalising the visual design... Luckily, I found a team whose frequencies aligned with mine, and I was surrounded by friends who were unconditionally willing to help."

Bella stated that she has given all that she has for the project and that she is happy to take the step.

"Opportunities are self-made, and our thoughts are the magnets that create reality. So, we must become the magnet that attracts the life we aspire to," she added.

She also unveiled the single, "What We On", writing that it is a welcome ticket to her world, embodying the concept of positivity.

"After years of being suppressed under all the noises from the outside and inner fears, HATERS and DRAMAS, bid your farewells. If your soul feels heavy, I hope to bring light to alleviate it. Just be you, that's what matters. This song is all about my current ideal state and I want to encourage everyone to be free-spirited, and coming home to self!" she expressed.


Bella's single embodies the concept of positivity
Bella's single embodies the concept of positivity


(Photo Source: Bella Su IG)