Bella Su breaks silence a month after Godfrey Gao's death

2 Jan – Godfrey Gao's girlfriend, Bella Su, recently broke her silence on social media following the actor's tragic passing in November last year.

As reported on Mingpao, on 1 January, the 22-year-old model shared a couple of photos of her and Godfrey, one of them at the beach and another of them going skiing together, writing, "You are the best gift from heaven to me. Thank you for teaching me everything. My life has been fulfilled."

"Your love made my life whole. Through our love, we will never be apart," she added.

She also expressed her gratitude for Godfrey's love and care, saying that the late actor has really given her great courage to go on with her life.

"I will be strong for us. I also hope to be given some space and time to get life back on track," she added.

In a previous social media post, Godfrey's good friend Darren Jiang revealed that the actor might have actually planned to pop the question to Bella prior to his death.

(Photo Source: Bella Su Instagram)