Bella Astillah forgives but never forgets



30 Mar – Although she has forgiven Sophia Albarakbah for allegedly trying to wreck her marriage with husband Aliff Aziz, singer-actress Bella Astillah said that she would never forget what the latter did.

Speaking to the media at an event recently, Bella said that she decided to forgive Aliff's "Ku Akad Kau Dengan Bismillah" co-star for the sake of her marriage and her own peace of mind, no matter how hard it was.

"Nowadays, I do lots of activities with Aliff and the kids, hoping that there would be no more of these issues. But I can't run away from it, because we will be continuously tested. Honestly, I am afraid of facing it," she said.

When mentioned that Sophia is now dating anew, Bella said that she will pray for the actress' happiness.

"I hope that the relationship will end in marriage and I hope that similar cases will not pop up again," she added.

As to whether she would work with Sophia in the future, Bella said that both she and her husband have agreed not to be linked to Sophia again in any way.

It was earlier this year that Bella revealed that an actress has been calling and texting her husband to the extent of causing turmoil in their marriage. Both she and Aliff later confirmed that it was Sophia.


Sophia is now in a relationship
Sophia is now in a relationship


(Photo Source: Bella Astillah IG, Sophia Albarakbah IG)