Belinda Hamnett files for bankruptcy

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

12 Apr – Former TVB actress Belinda Hamnett recently admitted that she has applied for debt restructuring, stating that she had to do so in order to get her finances back in order.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress recently spoke to the media to address the rumours that she had filed for bankruptcy, explaining that she had been having difficulties in repaying her loan due to the pandemic, which had greatly affected her spa business. Her monthly commitment to repay the said loan amounted to HKD 10,000 a month.

"I have received countless of payment follow-up calls. The debt collectors even threatened to go to my celebrity friends and colleagues of my brother to get the money. In order to avoid dragging my friends into the mix, I've decided to file for bankruptcy," she said.

However, Belinda is handling her money problems with a positive attitude, saying that she plans to pay off her HKD 400,000 debt in less than four years.

Asked why she would not ask for help from friends especially Frankie Choi, of whom she has been living with for the past couple of years, the actress stated that she would rather not lose friends due to monetary issues.

"It would not be me paying debts, just digging another hole to fill the old one. I would still be in debt, and lose friends in the process," she said.

It is noted that Belinda, who returned to Hong Kong from Singapore seven years ago, had devoted most of her time and money to care for her cancer-stricken mother prior to the latter's passing. In the end, Belinda was left with a large debt from her mother's medical bills.

(Photo Source: Belinda Hamnett Instagram)