Beauty Gonzalez admits to past struggle with anorexia

Heidi Hsia

18 Feb – Beauty Gonzalez recently admitted that she was struggling with anorexia nervosa for two years before finally overcoming it last year.

In an interview with Philstar at the press conference of Glutalipo where she was appointed as the new endorser, the actress stated that she became obsessed with losing weight once she started doing so in 2017, admitting that she felt that it wasn't enough.

"You feel like you need to lose more and more weight. This happened [circa] 2017 to 2019. Those were the hard years, because I'd still feel fat even when I was skinny," she said.

Asked how she overcame the disorder, Gonzales stated that her family and friends were very supportive of her, and her acting coach would always send her food while she was filming "Kadenang Ginto".

"I was like, alright, I will just eat to get by the working hours. But then I realised when I saw at myself on television, I didn't look good anymore. I was thin but I looked old. So I had to talk to people to help me get through out of it. With family and friends, I got myself out of it," she said.

As of now, Gonzales said that she is at the healthiest she has ever been.

(Photo Source: Beauty Gonzales Instagram)