The Batman could be part of a new trilogy says director Matt Reeves

Ben Arnold
Batman… director Reeves has big plans – Credit: Warner Bros

Once ‘War Of The Planet of the Apes’ helmsman Matt Reeves is done with revolutionary primates, it sounds like he’s got some big plans for the Dark Knight too.

Reeves will be directing the new chapter in Ben Affleck’s caped crusader’s on-going story in ‘The Batman’, but it may not end there.

Speaking to Fandango, he said: “I have ideas about an arc, but really, the important thing is just to start… you have to start with one.

“You know, you have to start with a story that begins something. And I would be lying if I could tell you that the arcs of Apes was already planned out, because it simply wasn’t.

“It’s one of those things where that character was so potent, and the possibility was embedded from the beginning, but exactly how you’ve got from A to Z is not something that existed.”

Reeves (below) went on to add that he has ‘a kind of ambition for a series of stories, but really the most important thing is going to be to tell a vital first story’.

(Credit: AP)

That’s the kind of reassuringly sensible approach lacking in so many Hollywood comicbook franchises, which seem to secure the release dates and then worry about the stories later.

And Reeve’s story sounds like it could really be a winner too.

“I think there’s a chance to do an almost noir-driven, detective version of Batman that is point of view driven in a very, very powerful way that is hopefully going to connect you to what’s going inside of his head, and inside of his heart,” he went on.

Judging by how well he’s handled re-booting the ‘Planet of the Apes’ saga into a pretty stunning trilogy, it sounds like Bruce Wayne is in safe hands.

‘The Batman’ should arrive some time in 2019.

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