Hair clogging your plughole? This foolproof bathroom gadget is an essential buy

Stop your bath plug getting clogged with hair with this nifty gadget [Photo: Getty]

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Having long, luscious locks is lovely; they swish gloriously in the wind, they curl pleasingly around your shoulders and they mean that any number of up-dos and styles are possible.

But, all great privileges come with a burden to bear, and for those in possession of lots of hair it’s that it gets stuck - often - down the drains of sinks, showers and baths.

In fact, sometimes it can feel you leave the shower with more hair in the drain than on your head.

This means that you might often find yourself showering in ankle-deep water, or unable to wash down toothpaste residue, as it desperately tries to squeeze down the blocked plug.

And this is likely the case even if you have shorter hair or body hair.

So, what can be done?

Well, as luck would have it, we’ve found a handy bathroom gadget that means you’ll never need to worry about a fluffy plug again.

The TubShroom Hair Catcher traps all your hair before it clogs your sink — and then hides that hair until you're ready to empty it. Genius, right?

Buy it: TubShroom Hair Catcher | £12.99 from Amazon

Simply pop the TubShroom into the drain and leave it to discreetly collect hair while you get on with more important jobs.

Every few washes just lift it out and empty the trapped hairball into the rubbish.

We know that collecting a tangle of hair from your drain isn’t the most glamorous of jobs, but it certainly beats calling out a plumber or having to kneel down in the shower to extract them manually yourself.

It also means that you can shave in the smug knowledge that your drain isn’t bearing the unwanted clippings, and you can even wash your pet in the sink or the bath as the TubShroom works for animal hair, too.

“Having tried a few other preventions and solutions to blocked sinks and drains this product does a better job than the others” reads one five-star review.

Another customer says “I have long hair and hate having to use a snake or chemicals to clear the drain and this does job perfectly.” 

Think of the things you could do with all the time you’ll save? Boxing? Cooking? A Netflix marathon?

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