Bath Versus Shower: Emily Hampshire Shares Her Preference and a Microbiologist Confirms Which Is Better

In our last podcast episode of this season's Minor Issues, Major Opinions, we immerse ourselves in the bath versus showers debate—is one really better than the other?

<p>Vanessa Heins</p>

Vanessa Heins

Minor Issues, Major Opinions is a wildly relevant and funny podcast that dives into the low-stakes controversies about which everyone has an opinion. Hosted by Real Simple editors Leslie Corona, Muzam Agha, and Amy Maclin, Minor Issues, Major Opinions covers polarizing topics ranging from the mundane to the meaningful, like: do you need a top sheet? Is the 5-second rule real or a myth? Is it really okay to let a dog lick your face? Each week, we’ll chat with celebrities to hear their hot takes on the topics at hand and get the final word from experts across industries to settle the debate once and for all.

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On This Episode

In our last episode of the season, we immerse ourselves in the bath versus showers debate—is one really better than the other? REAL SIMPLE editors Leslie Corona, Muzam Agha, and Amy Maclin ask each other a million invasive questions about their personal hygiene habits, consider building a spreadsheet tracking the number of hours Amy has spent in tubs, and whether or not candles are essential to a good soak. Leslie then has a very satisfying discussion with author and actress, Emily Hampshire, who reveals the unique technique she used to bathe. Former guests Monica Padman and Kirsten Ferguson also share their bathing preferences. At the end of the episode, we hear from Michael G. Schmidt, PhD, professor of microbiology and immunology at the Medical University of South Carolina, who confirms whether or not one is better—or if there’s even a big difference between the two.

Meet Our Celebrity Guest

Emily Hampshire

<p>Vanessa Heins</p>

Vanessa Heins

Actress, writer and producer Emily Hampshire is best known for her role as “Stevie Budd” in the hit comedy series Schitt’s Creek opposite Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara. The series recently made history by winning nine Emmy Awards across all major categories in its final season. She can currently be seen starring in the highly acclaimed Amazon series The Rig and in the romantic comedy The End of Sex. She recently released her first book, Amelia Aierwood: Basic Witch, a graphic novel that follows the least-favorite daughter of L.A.’s most famous family of witches.

Emily is a longtime supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, of which she is a member. All of her projects in development include LGBTQ+ characters—not just to be inclusive but to normalize and reduce stigma, particularly for trans and non-binary people. Hampshire has been featured in The Advocate, Gay Times, and many other publications talking about LGBTQ+ representation. GLAAD recognizes her as a prominent and supportive member of the LGBTQ+ community.

A Montreal native, Emily currently splits her time between Toronto and Los Angeles.

"The house I bought in L.A., it was very important to me to have a giant freestanding bathtub. I have yet to use that bath. However, I think it's actually because when I had long hair, I would do what a friend of mine once called... 'Cause she walked into the bathroom on me doing this, she's like, "You shower like a baby elephant.""

Emily Hampshire on Baths or Showers

Meet Our Expert

Michael G. Schmidt, PhD

Michael G. Schmidt earned his Ph.D. from Indiana University, Bloomington, and rose through the ranks of The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), where he is presently professor of microbiology and immunology. He is leading an inter-institutional-interdisciplinary team of professionals investigating the role that microbes in the built clinical environment serve in the acquisition of healthcare-associated infections. The results from one his studies were the basis of a talk he provided to TEDxCharleston, and featured in articles in the Smithsonian Magazine and Vice. Finally, he is a regular contributor to the internationally recognized podcast This Week In Microbiology and is the councilor to the South Carolina Branch of the American Society for Microbiology.


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