Baron Geisler's brother apologises for latest controversy

9 Mar – Donnie Geisler, brother of actor Baron Geisler, has recently apologised for the latest issue concerning the controversial actor.

The taekwondo athlete went on Facebook to address the public, following his younger brother's recent arrest for making threats to his brother-in-law's life.

He wrote, "The past few days has been very difficult for my family. I would like to personally convey my sincerest apologies for the recent incident involving my brother Baron .[...] the family has been experiencing difficulties, pain and distress on his behavior and alcohol problems for many years now."

The older Geisler stated that the actor's life has been on the downhill after their mother's death, and that it has been harder because of his alcohol problem.

"Our Mother got him help numerous times in the past like rehabilitation and meetings with psychologists but with no success because he takes the treatment lightly. Don't get me wrong, but we the family love Baron and this has been the sad reality of what our family has been experiencing and it is hard to make anyone comprehend and I wouldn't want anybody else to experience it.

"We're hoping this time would be a good opportunity to get him the help he really needs and we're hoping he would surrender and accept that he has a serious problem and also we want what's best for him. Rest assured that the family is doing its best to find the best solution to resolve the matter privately. I am hoping for your understanding and prayers."

On the other hand, the athlete also defended his brother-in-law Michael Morales' action in beating up his brother in a previous scuffle.

"My brother in law Mike did what he had to do to protect his family. Mike loves and takes care of Baron like a brother ever since he met my sister Grace. When Mom had cancer they decided to get a house wherein they could be close by to help take care of Mom. Mom died last year January 2017 and Baron took over the house so they are literally neighbours. Baron has been a burden to Mike and my sister's family most especially when he's intoxicated," he said.

On the other hand, Geisler is temporarily under the custody of Angeles City Police Station 3, after being arrested for going to Morales' home and threatening his life.

(Photo Source: Sunstar)