Barbie Hsu draws ire of Japanese netizens over face mask issue

7 Feb – She may have received praises from her mainland fans for her charitable efforts in shipping 10,000 masks to Wuhan following the Coronavirus outbreak, but the same cannot be said about the people in Japan, who are now angered by the actress' actions.

As reported on HK01, Japanese netizens who've heard about Barbie's donation had since lashed out after finding out that the actress actually bought the 10,000 masks from Japan - especially since the country now has the highest number of confirmed cases of the epidemic outside of China.

To make matters worse, Japan is also currently facing a shortage of face masks.

"Aren't Japanese human too? Don't they need to prevent the epidemic?" asked one netizen.

"I want to be a good human being too, but I don't have to sacrifice Japan to do it," said another.

On the other hand, Barbie had since responded to the backlash against her, saying that Japan had been one of the first countries that donated face masks to the affected areas, which is why she didn't think that her action would have been frowned upon by others.

It is noted that the actress previously drew the ire of her fellow Taiwanese people for the said act, with some criticising her for putting the people in Wuhan first instead of her own people.

To that, she responded, "I don't think that it's a big thing. This is just the attitude that everyone should have: when people are hungry, when they are drowning, when human beings are in distress, people should put aside their hatred and help each other. I hope my children will understand the humanitarian spirit."

(Photo Source: HK01)