'Bachelor' Fans Found Evidence That Production Wrote the "We Need to Talk" Note Kelsey Sent to Joey

kelsey and joey
Did Production Write THE Note Kelsey Sent Joey?ABC

Remember when Kelsey Anderson dramatically sent Joey Graziadei a note saying "we need to talk," aka the four harrowing words that almost always precede a breakup? And then amid poor Joey fully spiraling Kelsey was just like "lol, I just missed you!"

It was a completely deranged sequence of events—and appears to have very much been the work of thirsty Bachelor producers, bless their hearts.

The evidence? On top of Kelsey reportedly liking a comment from a fan on TikTok which says "We know the producers made you write it like that, don’t worry,” Reddit appears to have found proof that Kelsey didn't even write this note herself.

As user Divine_Perfection pointed out ahead of the finale, "The note was written by multiple people. Previews have shown 3 separate versions of the same note to Joey. Two different pens are used."

They also pointed out that the notes are written in different colored ink, that "a line above 'J' and a pointy 'W' appears in one note but not the other," and that "punctuation at the end also changes from a period to a comma."

As one person in the thread put it: "the sleuth level on this one is incredible."

ICYMI, Kelsey and Joey poked fun at the dramatic note while teasing an appearance on The Viall Files. By which we mean they opened a note from Nick reading "we need to talk" and then Joey quipped "now you know how it feels."

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