Ba Guo Grilled Fish (巴国烤鱼) gives a taste of Sichuan as 2nd outlet opens at West Coast Plaza

Bubbling in the West side of Singapore is Ba Guo Grilled Fish‘s (巴国烤鱼) second outlet, which is situated at West Coast Plaza. The restaurant takes pride in the concoction of grilled fish, catering to many versions that are lip-smackingly tasty.

Serving authentic flavours of Sichuan cuisine to the Singaporean palate, Ba Guo Grilled Fish includes 30 over fresh spices and herbs in the creation of their dishes. When we hear of Sichuan, we immediately associate it with its extremely spicy food. The country is ever famous for its creation of mala, which has made masses go wild for more.

Ba Guo Grilled Fish 12
Ba Guo Grilled Fish 12

Ba Guo Grilled Fish serves up large grill pans of eight different types of grilled fish, one of which is their signature Mala Grilled Fish (S$36.80). Its broth contains the right combination of numerous chillis and Sichuan peppers, so you can only imagine how amazing the kick of spices and the numbing sensation from the fresh peppercorns must be!

Ba Guo Grilled Fish - Fei Cui Yang Sheng Grilled Fish

A recommendation that Ba Guo Grilled Fish suggested was the Fei Cui Yang Sheng Fish (S$38.80), which is an option for non-spicy lovers. Its rich broth contains similar spices to the Mala Grilled Fish, except that this is richer in seafood notes as it includes prawns and clams. It gives a flavoursome aromatic finish, especially when the fish is balanced out with hints of garlic, coriander and lime.

Ba Guo Grilled Fish - Fragrant Pot Bullfrog

Another side you definitely have to order is the Fragrant Pot Bullfrog (S$42.80). Although pricier for an individual dish, you can taste the multiple layers of spices embedded in the frog. The tender and juicy meat is accompanied by spicy green peppers, which allows for its aroma to shine.

While it is often said that frog does taste like chicken, those who would like a safer and cheaper option can opt for the Sichuan Spicy Chicken (S$13.80).

Fearful that their menu caters more to spice lovers? Fret not, as they offer a spectrum of flavourful dishes that serves to your personal preference, similar to their 313@Somerset outlet.

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