How Award Winning Producer and Entrepreneur Gibson Kagni Is Championing a New Paradigm in Business Strategy

Running a business is no easy feat, it requires countless hours of dedication, patience, risk tolerance and above all else, an unwavering vision that serves as a combustion engine which propels true entrepreneurs forward regardless of how challenging the external conditions they might face. Giving up is simply not an option.

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However, when analyzing some of the most prolific and successful independent businesspeople of our generation, we can´t help but

wonder…how do they do it? Handling multiple businesses, across diverse market verticals in a meticulous and results oriented manner seems like nothing short of a superhuman endeavor. The kicker is: there's a special

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breed of entrepreneur out there able to successfully conduct business operations and master the strategic aspects of brand building and scaling.

Djibril Gibson Kagni might be the perfect example and a poster boy for the rare business ethic and mental clarity required to add consistent value across industries as diverse as music, entertainment, fashion and apparel, to name a few. The African mogul has exhibited an uncanny 'sixth sense ‘for successful business ventures.

Gibson has guided the careers of countless entertainment superstars, he has built a globally coveted high fashion casual-wear label MMA Couture, but he has also remained a true and loyal friend to those who came up alongside him.

A generous mentor and brilliant power broker, Kagni has seen his music career expand exponentially after becoming the first and only multi-award winning western music producer to conquer the Russian market and devise the rise of some of its biggest icons. Not satisfied with the colossal success he had accomplished in the music industry (having guided or collaborated with major superstars such as Akon, Jason Derulo, Timati, Diddy, DJ Antoine, Kat De Luna, etc.) – Gibson evolved quickly, turning into a cultural icon after launching his uber-exclusive casual chic apparel line MMA which has become the go-to label for the cream of the crop within the international fashion and entertainment scene.

Last year, Mr. Kagni launched the GProduction Music and Media Compound in Atlanta, GA – This center includes a professional recording studio, offices, creative meeting rooms and a flagship MMA Apparel boutique all within the same curated space that has attracted a who's who of entertainment and business luminaries.

While scaling multiple businesses at the intersection of pop culture and consumer goods is not a skill many possess, the chosen few have been able to create a self-reinforcing loop that actively benefits their own communities and inspires young entrepreneurs to follow the path of those who, before them, were able to conquer the seemingly unconquerable.