Avantgardey performs for Stephen Chow on his birthday

24 Jun - Stephen Chow recently celebrated his birthday by sharing a video of him interacting with the internet-famous dance group Avantgardey.

On 22 June, as the filmmaker turned 62, he posted a video where the group of dancers appeared in front of him, ready to dance.

But just as Stephen was ready to perform to Louis Koo's "Trendy Now", which was the starting song, the music was suddenly changed to a song that mashed up a few lines from his movies, "Flirting Scholars", "Shaolin Soccer" and "Kung Fu Hustle".

The dance was also reminiscent of his own funny dance in "Shaolin Soccer", which he performed alongside Wong Yat Fei.

He posted, "I prepared myself thoroughly to dance and make friends with @avantgardey, aiming to stay in trend. It turns out I was outdated already. The song 'Trendy Now' is already last season's trend..."

(Photo Source: Stephen Chow IG)