Authentic Malaysian-style stall Taste of Home 家乡味 to close end-Mar 2024

Singaporean and Malaysian cuisine are always pitted against each other for the title of “the better cuisine”. Still, we have to admit that we have a soft spot for Malaysian flavours and the sheer number of popular Malaysian eateries here speaks for this.

Sadly, we’ll soon have one less stall to get an authentic Malaysian-style fix. Taste of Home 家乡味, known for its unique Seremban fare is slated to close in end-Mar 2024.

Taste of Home - Stallfront & Coffeeshop
Taste of Home - Stallfront & Coffeeshop

Tucked away in a nondescript coffeeshop in Potong Pasir, Taste of Home 家乡味 is a hidden gem that prides itself on a menu of Seremban classics. Having opened in Apr 2023, the stall’s upcoming closure will come just shy of its first anniversary.

Taste of Home 家乡味 previously made rounds through the media, garnering a fair bit of support following media coverage that drew attention to its initial low footfall.

The stall is helmed by ex-Grand Hyatt manager Mr Lim Leong Yew. Hailing from Seremban, he empathises with homesick Malaysians and hopes to provide them with a much-needed taste of home.

Taste of Home - Seremban Cuttlefish BeeHoon
Taste of Home - Seremban Cuttlefish BeeHoon


Taste of Home 家乡味’s menu is a simple one, with 4 unique Seremban dishes worth a try before its closure.

Of these offerings is the stall’s specialty, Seremban Cuttlefish BeeHoon which Mr Lim learned to cook from a senior hawker in Malaysia. For S$5, you get a generous portion of gravy-laden noodles topped with cuttlefish, braised beef and xiao bai cai.

Taste of Home - Dry Handmade Lai Fun w Nan Ru Pork & Ipoh Hor Fun

Another notable dish is the Handmade Lai Fun (S$5), which Mr Lim makes from scratch. These thick and chewy rice noodles are made from a mixture of rice flour and tapioca flour, with a texture reminiscent of thick bee hoon and mee tai mak.

You can opt to have the lai fun Dry or in Soup, with a topping of their Signature Braised PorkCurry Pork or Fragrant Nan Ru Pork (+S$0.50).

Other dishes you can enjoy are Pork Trotter Vinegar (S$7) or a classic Ipoh Hor Fun (S$5).

Taste of Home 家乡味 has yet to find a new location, so you best hurry down to savour their fare as soon as you can.

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