Australian grocer Surrey Hills introduces new deli joint at CBD with 1-for-1 deal on 1 Feb 2023

Surrey Hills Grocer is back with a totally new concept. This time, they are introducing Surrey Hills Deli, a Melbourne-inspired sandwich joint for an easy grab-and-go situation. Purposefully located at Singapore’s commercial hub, Raffles Place, their new concept is convenient for office workers who are on the go for a quick lunch.

Whether it’s yogis in the area, corporate workers, or cafe hoppers, their fresh new branch is ready to bring a handful. With the recent opening of their hidden outlet in ION and the gorgeous setup at the Jurong outlet, I’ve set my expectations high for their 3rd outlet.

Surrey Hills Deli 1
Credit – Surrey Hills Deli

Exciting, isn’t it? Their official opening is on 1 Feb 2023 and they’ll be having a 1-for-1 signature sandwich promotion for one day only, from 11am to 7pm. I can already see all our kiasu Singaporeans who probably don’t even work in the area flocking there.

surrey hills deli 2
Credit – Surrey Hills Deli

The Raffles Place outlet sits 20 in total, so you can expect it to be compact. The heavy use of wooden furniture exudes rustic farmhouse influences, while the tall glass windows reflect a modern twist. They also have a great deal of dangling lights for a beautiful backyard atmosphere, abiding by a theme that all 3 outlets follow.

At the side, they have a refrigerated corner where you can grab-and-go a box of salad or fresh fruits for a quick munch before you catch your next meeting. All their ingredients are fresh from their grocer so you can expect the best.

You might ask, why sandwiches? Pang Gek Teng, co-founder of Surrey Hills Grocer, emphasised that they wanted to create a “relaxing space that is reminiscent of the casual and laid-back Melbourne spirit”. This is crucial in Singapore where many of us get too caught up with the bustle and hustle that we forget to grab a bite. Well, not anymore!

surrey hills deli 3
Credit – Surrey Hills Deli

They have a total of 8 sandwich variations, all packed with freshest ingredients that are from their own grocer. The Oppo-Tuna-Ty (S$18) is stuffed with tuna salad, a generous serving of hard boiled eggs, and multiple variations of aged cheese. Body builders around the area, this is the one for you. 

surrey hills deli 4
Credit – Surrey Hills Deli

This is probably the one that would sparkle amongst most consumers. Truffle Up (S$22) features sourdough bread stacked with black forest ham, triple cheese béchamel, and black truffle mayo that is sure to make a party in your mouth.

They also have Asian-inspired flavours, like Spam the Positivity (S$19), and burger-like options, Seize the Moo-ment (S$24). If it’s not to your liking, no worries, you can still grab a cup of coffee here!

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