‘Attack on Titan’ stage play cancelled after acrobat supervisor dies from three-storey fall

“Attack on Titan” Stage Play Poster

The “Attack on Titan” stage play that was scheduled to begin on July 28 in Japan has been cancelled after the death of one of its staff.

The production committee announced the cancellation on April 13 through a statement on their official website.

According to the production committee, acrobat supervisor Kazutaka Yoshino had fallen from a height of about 10m (three storeys) when doing inspection work on the wire system at the Maihama amphitheatre in Japan’s Chiba prefecture.

While it is still unclear how the incident happened, the production committee has apologised, saying, “We will assist however we can in the police investigation.”

An irreplaceable figure

The deceased Kazutaka Yoshino was active internationally as a former member of the entertainment group “Cirque du Soleil”.

Yoshino was in charge of the action sequences in the “Attack on Titan” stage play and coordinated the performers. He had even requested to perform in the play.

His “important role” in directing the overall actions of the stage play made him an irreplaceable figure in the troupe, the production committee said in its decision to stop the production.

“From now till the start of the stage play, it is difficult to resume the performance with the current system. It is very unfortunate but we have to put a stop to it. We are deeply sorry for the inconveniences caused,” the production committee said in a statement on their website.

Information on ticket refunds will be made available on the official website on April 21.

The play is based on the manga of the same name by Hajime Isayama, which tells the story of a kingdom of humans fighting against the giant, man-eating Titans.

Most of the plot of “Attack on Titan” revolves around a group of soldiers in the Survey Corps, who fights against the Titans using specialised equipment allowing them to scale heights and attack their enemies’ weak points on the napes.

It has also been made into a two-part live-action movie and an anime series, which is currently airing its second season in Japan.

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