Athena Chu happy to be back in showbiz

15 Jan - Hong Kong actress Athena Chu is making her comeback with a vengeance, as she revealed that she will be appearing in three movies this year.

As reported on Mingpao News, the actress, who appeared at an event with rocker husband Paul Wong recently, shared that two of her new movies will be a mainland production, in addition to the horror film, "Goo Jat".

"Those are three different challenges. I have to play a Tibetan girl from 200 years ago in one movie, another movie is a romance film with a new actor, and I will have to play a character from her 20s to her 60s in "Goo Jat"," she said.

Nonetheless, Athena said that she is happy to be back, after five years of hiatus to focus on her family life.

When asked if she is willing to leave her daughter again to do more movies, Athena said that her daughter Debbie is already in kindergarten, which makes it easier for her.

"Furthermore, my husband and I have agreed that when I am filming, he will take a break to look after our daughter," she said.

As to whether she has plans to get pregnant again, Athena said that she will not be doing so for now.

(Photo Source: Athena Chu Weibo)