Asians are insulted by this video showing 100 people mostly criticising the durian

A video by American media company CUT features 100 people reacting to durians. (Photo: Facebook/CUT)

Asians may never stop squabbling over which country has the best foods, but when it comes to the durian, many of us can agree that it’s the King of Fruits.

So when a video was published on Facebook by American media company CUT last Monday (16 October) showing 100 people mostly criticising the taste, smell and texture of the thorny fruit, it received a backlash from many Asians and we were not surprised.

In the three-minute video, which has now gotten over two million views, various taste testers across different genders and ethnicities were handed a chunk of the durian to react to. Some of them said it smelled like “trash”, “vagina” and “feet” while others barfed or spat out pieces of durian into a trash bin. While there were a handful of people who enjoyed the fruit, a majority of them absolutely hated it.

Such negative reactions attracted attacks from durian lovers, many of whom highlighted the lack of sensitivity in the video, and debated the quality of the durian that was used.

Everytime i see them spitting those durians out, my heart aches a bit… durian is so expensive right now in our country – yes, right, the country that grows tonnes of them – is selling so expensive that me, myself, the local here, can’t afford to buy and eat this king of fruits. And you guys are spitting and commenting as if it stinks like hell. You got the money, you can waste it however u like,” said a Rachel Wong. Thailand and Malaysia are the first and second top durian exporters, respectively.

“First of all, you cannot get good durians in the US or Canada. All of them are frozen durians that are mostly imported from Thailand. And you do not cut through durian this way. It shouldn’t be hard and crunchy. It’s all so wrong in many levels,” said a DJ Will.

“So before you make a video about a fruit that is not popular in the United States, how about cutting it properly? How about finding one that is ripe? How about learning some cultural sensitivity?” questioned a Brandon Yip.

Here’s the video:

Meanwhile, all this debate about durian is making us crave for some.

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